Every literary journal has its biases. We privilege some characteristics in writing and abhor others as what our old friend, George Gordon Byron called “cant.” Scholars & Rogues is no different. Above you’ll see Sam Smith’s biases concerning poetry submissions. Below are mine concerning fiction and nonfiction:

* Fiction should tell a story. We don’t care how you tell the story, but you must tell a story. If we can’t discern a clear story in what you’ve written, we will not accept it.
* As noted elsewhere, we privilege literary fiction. This means we prefer fiction that emphasizes character and style in storytelling more than action and plot. We like action and plot – we simply don’t think they are as important as character development and mode of expression in the telling of a story. Remember this.
* We are not opposed to genre submissions if they are literary takes on the genre in question. Poe wrote detective stories, you know.
* We are open to short stories, short-short stories and flash fiction. We like the former most and the latter least. If you want to know what we consider a great flash fiction, read August Strindberg’s “Half a Sheet of Paper.”

Here are a few biases concerning nonfiction:

* We like creative nonfiction: memoir, personal essay, reflection, humor. Think about Frank McCourt, E.B. White, Annie Dillard, James Thurber. Or look at our own Pat Vecchio and Terry Hargrove. Or at my stuff. I’m very biased in favor of my stuff.
* What we’ll be looking for in nonfiction is literary interest. What that means is that the same sorts of style biases that will apply to our choices of fiction will also apply to our choices in nonfiction.

NOTE: This page is labeled "Scholars & Rogues Poetry," be we use the same engine for fiction and nonfiction.

* We do not accept stories that have been previously published except in special cases. If you'd like us to consider work that has been previously published inquire with the editor before submitting.
* Simultaneous submissions are okay, but please let us know if something you have submitted here is accepted elsewhere.
* We will reply to submissions as quickly as we can. We publish on an ongoing cycle, so accepted work will appear immediately instead of weekly, quarterly, etc.

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